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Co-Location - Rent a server

  Renting the right server or housing your server at the right facility can dramatically effect your reliability.
What is Co-Location
Co-Location is simply the act of renting space to house your computer so that is can be accessed through the Internet. We like to extend that definition to include renting complete servers to you that will be housed at our location. That means that you are not sharing the computer with other companies. You have complete control over what is installed, how it is configured and secured and what changes you would like to make to it.

Why use Co-Location
Anyone can put a system on the Internet. The trouble comes when you get increased Internet traffic. Once that happens, people will notice that your site runs slower...and slower.....and slower as its use increases. To make matters worse, if you are using your server as a mail server, a burst of spam delivered to it can block access to it from everywhere on the Internet. To prevent this, you have to use high-speed Internet lines that have a high upload speed. When serving information on the Internet, upload speed is what matters. This means several T1s, T3s or faster. but these can often cost thousands of dollars per month. For more information, see the chart at the right and below.

  broadband speeds  
Embarq DSL
Verizon DSL
Comcast Cable
Verizon FIOS
* Requires the purchase of additional services

By using our co-location services, you can place your system on our high-speed T3 connections without paying the high monthly fee for the T3 connection. This means that you can provide high-speed service from you web and FTP servers and be confident that it will handle the load. To find out more about our co-location services, give us a call at (717) 264-1637 or request more information through our contact form.