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Network Consulting - Accelerate your Business Network

Designing a network that meets your needs and is reliable is essential to your business success.

More than Hardware
Building a network is more than just connecting some hardware. There are many different issues that must be considered, planned for and implemented.

Most networks are built a piece at a time without planning. This leads to poor network performance, security holes, lack of centralized data storage and an inability to back up your data. Generally, a little planning, a few changes and a new piece of equipment will correct these issues, improving your business' productivity.

What do we look for?
Designing and optimizing a network requires careful attention to detail. We look at quite a few things, including these:

  • Look for bottlenecks in the network,
  • Look for machines that are running at sub-standard speed,
  • Look for the presence of spyware and viruses that slow performance,
  • Look for dispersed data storage areas,
  • Check for backups and a restore plan,
  • Examine business processes and change them where efficiency can be gained using technology.