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Web Design - Your Internet Presence

Selecting the right designer can make or break your project.

Build it and they will come
Nothing could be further from the truth. Building your business presence online is more than just having the local kid slap together a few pages. It is the establishment of an Internet persona, It will let you ensure that customers get to see your products and services in their best light, the way that you intended them to.

Designing your site takes careful planning, discussion of features and content, generation of any text and media needed, a marketing plan, establishment of a budget and, of course, actual programming. Another point that nearly all web design firms miss is maintainability. Simply put, can you edit your web site when you need to? Do you have a back-end database storing information for the site? Do you have a way to capture user information from your web site's forms? That's where we come in. Through a comprehensive evaluation and design cycle, we can help you through the process of establishing your Internet presence.

What's the Process  


Initial Consultation
This is the first phase in planning your web site. We will work with you to establish a general layout for the site including features such as e-commerce, newsletters, databases and interactive forms. You will need to decide if your site is going to be an informational site or a marketing site. We will also need to see the text and images that you have for the site as well as any marketing materials that you have already created. This will also be the time to establish a budget for the project.

If you haven't already created letterhead, business cards or other marketing materials, this would be a great time to talk about it as it can save you money in the long run.


Site Planning
After the initial consultation, we will take the information that you have given us and create a general site layout. This will include the number of pages, database designs, back-end programs and any thoughts we have on additional features that should be in the site. We will cover the cost for the project and sign a web site design contract. A timeline for completion will be established as well.

As part of the timeline, we will establish what written materials that you must produce for use in the site. We ask that you write most of these materials as you are more familiar with your products than we are.


Site Construction
The next step is to build your new web site. During this time we will collect the additional information that we need from you, build the code, design the graphics and integrate the materials you provided. You will be able to see your site as it is being built through our preview portal.

Throughout this stage we will consult with you and provide you with proofs so that we can make changes according to your direction. We understand that you will want small changes made to the site once you see it built and we are committed to working with you in order to "get it right".


Go LIve!
This is it, the moment that you have been waiting for. It's time to put your new web site on the Internet, enter any last minute data into the site and open for business. As part of your contract, we will register your site with some of the major Internet search engines.

If you are hosting your site on our web servers, you will be able to see statistics about who is visiting your site and when. You will also be able to determine which web pages are visited most often so that you can focus more heavily on those products and services.

To have a free consultation with us, just give us a call at (877) 717-1637 or click here to send us an email.